About Us

Who we are....

Patil Biotech Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading & most respected manufacturer of Specialty Plant Nutrition & Growth solutions.
Since 1994, since our inception; we have been in service of farmers to enhance their productivity through eco-friendly products. We are pioneers in ''Balance Fertigation'' technology and we named it as “Patil Biotech Technology“ .

In these glorious years, we are a renowned brand in agriculture industry and we have gained the faith of Indian farmers by providing them innovative and eco-friendly range of Bio-products required in agriculture, customized for the specific needs of 107 different crops.

Our more than 65 plus products brands have been successfully tested in many research institutions in India. Currently our products are trusted and used by over 1 million farmers across 80000 Indian villages in 12 states of India.

Patil Biotech has been at the forefront of innovation in introducing world class, cost effective, and eco-friendly products at the doorsteps of Indian Farmers. We have a team of over a 300 professionally trained staff to manufacture and promote our product concepts and next generation crop nutrition practices.

Every effort is made to keep up with the changes and trends to fulfill the needs of the farmers. As our ambitious expansion plan, we have started manufacturing various types of bio-pesticides & pesticides.