Our Journey

Our milestones ....

Our Journey

2015 - 16

With network of 300+ professionals in Marketing, R&D, Supply Chain, we have 65+ product brands which are working in 12 states, more than 1000+ distributors network and still growing.

2013 - 14

With the help of our dedicated and professional R&D Team, we have developed a solution for fruit fly-Our Innovative product "Makshikari Trap" which is 100% organic and bio product.

2011 - 12

Research continued for Sugarcane & the result that came out was the highest yield taken out of 141 Mt/acre in 2009 & 147 Mt/acre. It's really a amzing fact.

2008 - 10

We not only controlled the 'Wilt' but also 'Oil Spot' in Pomegranate and nowadays there are several healthy orchards in and around the Dist. Nasik, Solapur, Ahmadnager & Pune in Maharashtra.

2006 - 07

For Cotton, with balanced fertigation we developed the technique of uneven spacing i.e. 6'x1', 6'x 0.5' & 6'x 0.25' for targeted yield of 40 qtl /acre. We succeeded in prevention of "Mealy Bugs".

2003 - 05

We did crop wise study of Nutritional requirements of Macro (N,P,K), Secondary (Ca, Mg, S)& Micro nutrients in various stages of growth and were successful in obtaining higher yields than normal.

2001 - 03

Research continued for crops like Banana, Citrus family crops, Maize, Jowar, Bajra, Wheat, Rice and other cereals and pulses. We tested our own techniques and then demonstrated to farmers.

2000 - 01

Study tour to Mississippi University USA. Formulated technique to balance crop nutrition of cotton for yield up to 30 qtl /acre.

1997 - 98

Research study tour to Agricultural Universities in Cuba. Developed our own technique for revolutionary 100 mt/acre yield of Sugarcane in India. Succeeded in controlling the infestation of 'Woolly Aphids' in Sugarcane by using the Balance Fertigation Technique.

1995 - 96

Research in Humic Acid segment paid well 'Humol' our today's premium and best selling brand was launched.


Birth of Patil Biotech Pvt. Ltd..